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New Conservation Service

Malvern Hills District Council is introducing a new consultation service for anybody who wishes to seek advice on matters affecting listed buildings. For details of how to use the service. Click here.

Listed buildings in the Parish

On the A38:

13/24 No 35, West Royd Stores

10/25 No 63

13/26 No 65, Colne House

13/27 No 75, Oakfield

13/28 The Talbot Public House

9/29 No. 93 Worcester Road Including No. 1 Church Street

13/30 Draycott Lodge

7/12 Baynhall Farmhouse

13/31 Coach House to east of Draycott Lodge

13/32 Old Vicarage

9/33 No 68, Melbury House

Old Road North:

9/19 No 4, Park House

9/20 No 6, Park Cottage

9/21 Eastern Lodge

9/22 Manor House Church Street

9/13 No 32

9/4 No 36, Cobblers Cottage

9/5 Church House

9/16 St Mary’s Church

Kerswell Green:

7/18 Milestone

Others :

1/8 Lake Cottage

4/9 Middle Broomhall Farmhouse

7/10 The Nash

7/11 Upper Brookend Farmhouse

4/23 Upper Broomhall Farmhouse, Taylors Lane

For information on how to get a property listed, and what the responsibilities of owners of listed properties are go to

If you think there are other buildings or features that might be considered for listing, we would like to hear from you.

One of the things that emerged from the recent presentation by Malvern Hills District Council.

CSO Colin Davies Non-emergency telephone number: 0300 333 3000

Neighbourhood Watch continues to have an increasingly important role in the prevention and detection of burglaries

To download the Parish Plan.

To download a copy of the map.