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'In-Lamb' Ewe Dies After Dog Attack

All dog-owners in South Worcestershire are being urged by police to keep their pets on a lead when near sheep.

The call comes after an 'in-lamb' ewe died shortly after being attacked by a dog in a field in Cowleigh Road, Old Hollow, Malvern at about 1630hours on 6th March.

An off-duty police officer saw the incident in which a person - dressed in black - believed to be with the loose black dog also had a white dog on a lead.

"A vast number of sheep are expecting to lamb across Malvern Hills, Wychavon and Worcester at this time of the year and a predatory loose dog is probably the worst thing that they could possibly face," said a police spokesman.

"Pregnant sheep are very vulnerable and are quite likely to 'drop' the lamb - give birth prematurely in a distressed state - if they are 'worried' by a stray dog, let alone attacked as happened in this case." 

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Malvern Hills District Council have advised the Parish Council that they have made two Tree Preservation Orders in respect of a Lime tree.