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Neighbourhood Plan Document for Referendum

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Result of Referendum

The referendum for Kempsey's Neighbourhood Plan was held at Kempsey Parish Hall on Thursday 5th October 2017.

We are very pleased to announce that this Neighbourhood Plan was approved by the parishioners with 92% voting in favour of it.

The turnout of voters was 38% which is a very pleasing figure.
There were 993 votes in favour and 90 against.

This Plan will now become a legal document to protect Kempsey from future speculative development within the parish.

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Councillors and Parishioners after the count

Press Release

Kempsey Neighbourhood Plan approved at Referendum





After six years of work by the Parish Council and other interested individuals, the parishioners of Kempsey have today voted to approve Kempsey’s Neighbourhood Plan in an official Parish Referendum. 

The way is now clear for Malvern Hills District Council to adopt Kempsey’s Neighbourhood Plan as an important Planning Policy document that will define the character of Kempsey Parish from now until at least 2030. This is the first Neighbourhood Plan to go to referendum in the Malvern Hills District.

The Plan draws its authority from the Localism Act 2011 and will sit alongside the newly established South Worcestershire Development Plan. Specifically the Neighbourhood Plan:

        ● Keeps Kempsey separate from Worcester City

        ● Gives the community an effective voice in future planning

        ● Protects the Parish’s Green Spaces and Heritage

        ● Provides for a new Community, Social and Sports Centre

        ● Targets more than £1 million for the Parish from existing development              payments currently held by the District Council.

The Neighbourhood Plan is a 62 page document containing 15 planning and conservation policies.  Getting to this stage has been a long process that started 6 years ago. It has included drafting the plan with specialist help, a parish-wide questionnaire, public consultation including open meetings on the draft plan, an independent examination of the plan and approval for referendum by the District Council. It has taken many meetings and a lot of work by past and present Parish Councillors and local residents. The Plan will now become a legal document and its policies must be considered in any new planning application.


Ann Smith, Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group and a Kempsey resident for 34 years, said:

  “This is a tremendous step forward for the Parish in determining its future. We have seen an enormous growth in housing development in the village in recent years, with little opportunity for the community to intervene effectively. I passionately believe that the Neighbourhood Plan will protect the character of the Parish for the foreseeable future. I should like to thank all Parishioners who have voted for the plan today for their support. I should also like to thank all those who have worked hard and have given up their time over the years for their contributions to devising the Neighbour Plan and for campaigning for its adoption”.

The Parish Council now intends to acquire land adjacent to the Lower Ham to build a new community facility and sports centre, using development funds collected as a levy from housing developments. Over one million pounds is currently held by the District Council for the benefit of Kempsey Parish. If it is not spent for the proposals in the Plan, it could go elsewhere or even be returned to the developers. 

Mike Biddle, a former Parish and District Councillor and long term resident of Kempsey said:

  “The Plan represents the best opportunity in a generation to secure good sporting and social facilities for our young people and for the whole community, both established residents and new residents. I am extremely happy that the Parish Council now has a mandate to move forward with this initiative”. 

The Neighbourhood Plan also protects the open fields at the north of the Parish from being built

over and establishes a clear open space boundary with Worcester City. More than 350 acres of common land and other green spaces in the Parish are also protected under the Plan. 


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