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SWDP Response

Response to Amendments to SWDP

The current Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (GTAA) has been re-assessed by Malvern Hills District Council (MHDC) and a review is to be undertaken by all three authorities for completion by late Autumn 2012. In view of this re-appraisal the requirement for all pitches should be withdrawn and comments requested once the revised GTAA has been agreed by all the councils party to the SWDP. We cannot comment on the outcome of a review which has not yet taken place and request that we be allowed to do so at a later date.

Worcester Allocations. (SWDP 6 & SWDP 8/1)Shrub Hill Opportunity Zone (SWDP 7/4)

The original proposal has been amended to include a further 150 houses while detailed examination of the site has shown this could be not 150 but 400 houses.

Kempsey (SWDP23/7) Land to the south of The Lawns Conclusions re: SWDP Amendments SWDP6, 8/1 & SWDP7/4

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