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Health, Caring, and Community Housing

For details of health service facilities in Worcestershire including the Primary Care Trust, hospitals in the area and access to the GP booking service and local surgeries;

For details of the Kempsey Surgery:
Tel 01905 820466 or view the website

For the blind and partially sighted

For the hard of hearing try The Royal National Institute for the Deaf or a local organisation

Nursing homes and sheltered accommodation: The Lawns, Main Road, Kempsey

For sheltered housing, including The Firs, Old Road North, Kempsey or

Social Care, telephone 0845 6072000 for Worcestershire County services, or which provides access to information about both County and District Council services.

For information about caring services consult Worcestershire Association of Carers or For private services .

For information about hospices Enquiries may be made by email

Also Acorns Hospice, telephone 01905 76767 or

For advice, guidance and information on help available for the elderly; Age UK, Counsel and Care and The Department of Work and Pensions


Winter Home Insulation Guide for the Elderly



Details of child care in Kempsey

Details of child care in Kempsey

Primary, Secondary, & Adult

All issues environmental

A substantial list of businesses and services available for Kempsey is provided in the Kempsey Parish Magazine, published monthly.

City and Mobile

Local newspapers and radio.

For guidance on planning and how to go about obtaining planning approval and all related matters.

A comprehensive guide to Public Services all in one place.

A list of public utility contacts.

Kempsey has a wide range of sports and recreational facilities, and strong sports teams that perform to high standards.

Details of St.Mary's, Kempsey and St.Denys, Severn Stoke.

Countryside walking for pleasure.

Bus services