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To view information on current and past planning applications, complete a search form here.

Please note that Parish Councillors and employees cannot give advice on planning matters.

Planning Advice: Introduction of Charges

Malvern Hills District Council charges for pre-planning advice. Details may be found by clicking here.

The Duty Planning Officer Service at the Library in Great Malvern and the Tenbury Surgery will continue to be provided without charge. The Duty Planner will offer a basic level of general advice verbally, but will not provide detailed advice on the acceptability of specific development proposals. Advice on specific proposals will be chargeable and the appropriate fee must be received before any advice will be given.

Full details of these arrangements are available on the Malvern Hills web site.

Details of child care in Kempsey

Details of child care in Kempsey

Primary, Secondary, & Adult

All issues environmental

For all aspects of the above.

A substantial list of businesses and services available for Kempsey is provided in the Kempsey Parish Magazine, published monthly.

City and Mobile

Local newspapers and radio.

A comprehensive guide to Public Services all in one place.

A list of public utility contacts.

Kempsey has a wide range of sports and recreational facilities, and strong sports teams that perform to high standards.

Details of St.Mary's, Kempsey and St.Denys, Severn Stoke.

Countryside walking for pleasure.

Bus services