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Public utilities and services

A list of public utility contacts:-

Royal Mail - for all your inquiries

BT - Residential users contact by dialling 150 on a direct line, or by dialling 0800 800 150

Business users dial 152 or 0800 800 152 or click on for access to all BT services

Water - report leaks, billing enquiries etc:

Gas - for leaks call the National Gas Emergency Service on Freephone 0800 111999. All other enquiries refer to your gas supplier.

Electricity - for all enquiries contact your supplier.

Cash machine - there are cash dispensers at McColls shop in Kempsey and at Tesco supermarket in St Peter The Great.

Libraries - to join the library, view the library catalogue, request books or renew books, access reference books on-line or book a computer session and much more click here or telephone 01905 822722.

Internet Services are available at libraries throughout Worcestershire.

Details of child care in Kempsey

Details of child care in Kempsey

Primary, Secondary, & Adult

All issues environmental

For all aspects of the above.

A substantial list of businesses and services available for Kempsey is provided in the Kempsey Parish Magazine, published monthly.

City and Mobile

Local newspapers and radio.

For guidance on planning and how to go about obtaining planning approval and all related matters.

A comprehensive guide to Public Services all in one place.

Kempsey has a wide range of sports and recreational facilities, and strong sports teams that perform to high standards.

Details of St.Mary's, Kempsey and St.Denys, Severn Stoke.

Countryside walking for pleasure.

Bus services