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St Mary's Church

About St.Mary's Church, Kempsey and St.Denys Church, Severn Stoke.

The website, which is designed to cover both St.Mary's and St.Denys, went live in Sept. 2007 and is intended to be a resource for the two churches and the communities they serve, with the main focus being on the church. The website helps the church to keep pace with the changing times and the changing face of the parish and the community. This is especially important in terms of attracting new people and young families to the church - i.e. the very future of the church in Kempsey and Severn Stoke.

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Details of child care in Kempsey

Primary, Secondary, & Adult

All issues environmental

For all aspects of the above.

A substantial list of businesses and services available for Kempsey is provided in the Kempsey Parish Magazine, published monthly.

City and Mobile

Local newspapers and radio.

For guidance on planning and how to go about obtaining planning approval and all related matters.

A comprehensive guide to Public Services all in one place.

A list of public utility contacts.

Kempsey has a wide range of sports and recreational facilities, and strong sports teams that perform to high standards.

Countryside walking for pleasure.

Bus services