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New TPO, Holly House, Napelton Lane, Kempsey

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Tree Preservation Orders

New Tree Preservation Orders - October 2009

Malvern Hills District Council have advised the Parish Council that they have made two Tree Preservation Orders in respect of a Lime tree at 21 Old Road South and a Sycamore tree at 25 Old Road South. The Order came into force on a temporary basis in October and will remain in force for 6 months during which time the District Council will decide whether it should be given permanent status. People affected by the Order have a right to object or make comments on either of the trees before the District Council decide if it should be made permanent. In simple terms, a Tree Preservation Order means that no one is allowed to cut down, top or lop a tree without permission. Any parishioner wishing to comment on these Orders should Mr. C. Lewis-Farley, Landscape Officer, Planning Services, The Council House, Avenue Road, Malvern WR14 3AF.

New Tree Preservation Orders - September 30th 2009

Two new Tree Preservation Orders have been made by Malvern Hills District Council. They are TPO No 399 relating to woodland at Bestmanís Lane, Napleton, and No 400(2008) relating to trees at Kerswell Green. The orders came into force for a period of 6 months from September 30th 2008 during which time MHDC will decide whether the orders should be given permanent status;

TPO 399 (2008)

W1 Woodland consisting of a mixture of oak, elm, holly, hawthorn, yew, ash, elder, privet and horse chestnut in an area running approximately north-south parallel to the M5 fro OS 386265, 248157 and 386316, 247876 in the vicinity of Drake Sleat and The Paddocks, Napleton

TPO 400 (2008)

T1 Oak Next to road on Normoor Common
T2 Oak Next to road on Noormoor Common
T3 Oak Next to road on Normmor Common
T4 Oak on field edge between 1, The Greens and Yeomanís Cottage, Kerswell Green

Groups of trees
G1 3 Oaks In middle of field near Draycott Lane and The Nash
G2 4 Poplars Next to Draycott Lane
G3 2 Poplars Next to Draycott Lane
G4 25 Poplars Along the field boundary neighbouring Normoor Common
G5 3 oak, 1 ash, 2 beech, 1 field maple and 165 poplars running in a strip east-west across the fields starting near Normoor Common

List of existing TPOs.

TPO Number Location Date of Order

101057 (1958) The Oaks 30 Jun 58

101221 (1971) Eastern Lodge 4 Jun 71

21(1976) Bank House 26 May 76

57 (1980) Main Road 21 Jan 80

82 (1981) The Nash 24 Nov 81

95 (1983) The Lawns 20 Jan 83

172 (1988) Broomhall Grange 28 Jan 88

234 (1992) Land at Junction Squires Walk and Main Road 01 Jul 92

301 (2000) Woodlands Old Road North 24 Feb 00

305 (2000) St John The Baptist Church, Kerswell Green 27 Mar 00

323 (2001) Land between Old South and Main Road 7 Sep 01

336 (2002) 17 Squires Walk 21 Mar 02

352 (2003) 80 Main Road 11 Apr 03

358 (2004) 95-99 Main Road 2 Mar 04

359 (2004) The Lawns 8 Apr 04

361 (2004) Church House, Church St 11 Jun 04

364 (2004) 46-38 Windmill Lane 2 Nov o4

414 (2008) Main Road/Brookend Lane 16May 08

A summary is also provided of the trees listed at each location. Landowners who wish to check the exact location and details of trees on their land or the purposes and progress of the review may obtain more information from the Landscape Officer at MHDC, email:

TPO 101057 The Oaks

1 Oak Tree

TPO 101221 Eastern Lodge

T1 Lime tree

T2 Holly

T3 False Acacia

T4 Beech

T5 Cedar

T6 Beech

T7 Holly

T8 Holly

TPO Bank House

T1 Cedar

T2 Chile Pine

T3 Yew

T4 Douglas Fir

T5 False Acacia

T6 Sycamore

In addition there are 2 groups of trees:

G1 consisting of 8 Sycamore, 2 Ash and 1 Wellingtonia

G2 consisiting of 7 Sycamore, 3 False Acacia, 2 Lime and 5 Yew

TPO 57 Main Road (Numbers 64 and 60a)

T1 Yew

T2 Yew

T3 Yew

T4 Yew

T5 Cherry

T6 Silver Birch

T7 Silver Birch

TPO 82 The Nash

T1 Oak

T2 Oak

Groups of Trees:

G1 consisting of 12 Poplar, 8 Maple, 6 Chestnut, 3 Sycamore and 1 Birch

G2 consisting of 19 Lombardy Poplar and 5 Birch

Two areas are defined (A1 and A2) and several trees of whatever species are included.

TPO 95 The Lawns

T1 Yew

T2 Myrobalan Plum

T3 Sycamore

Groups of Trees:

G1 consisting of 2 Holly, 1 Laurel

G2 consisting of 3 Holly, 1 Yew

G3 consisting of 1 Oak, 1 Sweet Chestnut

G4 consisting of 1 Oak, 2 Conifers and 1 Yew

G5 consisting of 1 Yew. 4 Spruce and 1 Conifer

G6 consisting of 1 Holly, 1 Cherry and 1 Laurel

TPO 172 Broomhall Grange

T1 Oak

TPO 234 Land at junction of Squires Walk and Main Road

T1 Copper Beech

TPO 301 Woodlands, Old Road North

T1 Lime

T2 Coast redwood

T3 Oak

TPO 305 St John the Baptist Church, Kerswell Green

T1 Ash

TPO 323 Land Between Old Road South and Main Road

T1 Lombardy Poplar

T2 Removed

T3 Corsican Pine

Groups of Trees:

G1 consisting of 6 Lombardy Poplar

TPO 336 Squires Walk (no 17)

T1 Yew

TPO 352 80 Main Road

T1 Beech

Groups of Trees:

G1 consisting of 2 Yew

TPO 358 95099 Main Road

T1 Oak

T2 Horse Chestnut

T3 Douglas Fir

Groups of Trees

G1 consisting of Lawson Cyprus

TPO 359 The Lawns

T1 Horse Chestnut

TPO361 Church House, Church Street

T1 Yew

T2 Yew

TPO 364 46-48 Windmill Lane

T1 Oak

TPO 414 Main Road/Brookend Lane

T1 Wellingtonia

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