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Kempsey Parish Council meetings
Finance & General Purpose Committee meetings
Environment Committee meetings
Community Centres Committee meetings
Planning Committee meetings
Commons and Hams Committee meetings
Staffing Committee meetings
Recreation Committee meetings
NP Infrastructure Committee meetings
Full council agendas pre-2013

Annual Parish Meetings

May 2019 Download here

May 2018 Download here

May 2017 Download here

May 2016 Download here

May 2015 Download here

May 2014 Download here

April 2013 Download here

Kempsey Parish Council meeting agenda

Agenda August 2020 - Virtual Meeting. Download here

Agenda EOM 23rd July 2020 - Virtual Meeting. Download here

Agenda July 2020 - Virtual Meeting. Download here

Agenda June 2020 - Virtual Meeting. Download here

No meeting scheduled for May.

Agenda April 2020 **Remote/Virtual Meeting** Download here

Agenda March 2020 Download here

Agenda February 2020 Download here

Agenda EOM 31 January 2020 Download here

Agenda EOM 20 January 2020 Download here

Agenda January 2020 Download here

Agenda December 2019 Download here

Agenda November 2019 Download here

Agenda October 2019 Download here

Agenda September 2019 Download here

Agenda August 2019 Download here

Agenda EOM 19 July 2019 Download here

Agenda July 2019 Download here

Agenda EOM July 2019 Download here

Agenda June 2019 Download here

Agenda EOM June 2019 Download here

Agenda May 2019 Download here

Agenda EOM May 2019 Download here

Agenda EOM April 2019 Download here

Agenda April 2019 Download here

Agenda March 2019 Download here

Agenda EOM March 2019 Download here

Agenda February 2019 Download here

Agenda January 2019 Download here

Agenda December 2018 Download here

Agenda November 2018 Download here

Agenda October 2018 Download here

Agenda September 2018 Download here

Agenda August 2018 Download here

Agenda July 2018 Download here

Agenda June 2018 Download here

Agenda May 2018 Download here

Agenda April 2018 Download here

Agenda March 2018 Download here

Agenda February 2018 Download here

Agenda EOM January 2018 Download here

Agenda January 2018 Download here

Agenda December 2017 Download here

Agenda EOM November 2017 Download here

Agenda November 2017 Download here

Agenda October 2017 Download here

Agenda EOM September 2017 Download here

Agenda September 2017 Download here

Agenda August 2017 Download here

Agenda July 2017 Download here

Agenda June 2017 Download here

Agenda May 2017 Download here

Agenda April 2017 Download here

Agenda March 2017 Download here

Agenda February 2017 Download here

Agenda EOM January 2017 Download here

Agenda January 2017 Download here

Agenda December 2016 Download here

Agenda November 2016 Download here

Agenda October 2016 Download here

Agenda September 2016 Download here

Agenda August 2016 Download here

Agenda July 2016 Download here

Agenda June 2016 Download here

Agenda May 2016 Download here

Agenda EOM April 2016 Download here

Agenda April 2016 Download here

Agenda March 2016 Download here

Agenda EOM February 2016 Download here

Agenda February 2016 Download here

Agenda January 2016 Download here

Agenda December 2015 Download here

Agenda November 2015 Download here

EOM Agenda October 2015 Download here

Agenda October 2015 Download here

Agenda September 2015 Download here

Agenda August 2015 Download here

Agenda July 2015 Download here

Agenda June 2015 Download here

Extra Ordinary Meeting June 1 2015 Download here

Agenda May 2015 Download here

Agenda April 2015 Download here

Extra Ordinary Meeting March 23rd 2015 Download here

Agenda March 2015 Download here

Agenda February 2015 Download here

Agenda January 2015 Download here

Agenda December 2014 Download here

Agenda November 2014 Download here

Agenda October 2014 Download here

Agenda September 2014 Download here

Extra Ordinary Meeting August 20th 2014. Download here

Agenda August 2014 Download here

Agenda July 2014 Download here

Agenda June 2014 Download here

Agenda May 2014 Download here

Agenda April 2014. Download here

Extra Ordinary Meeting March 24th 2014. Download here

Agenda March 2014. Download here

Agenda February 2014. Download here

Agenda January 2014. Download here

Agenda December 2013. Download here

Agenda November 2013. Download here

Agenda October 2013. Download here

Agenda September 2013. Download here

Agenda August 2013. Download here

Extraordinary Meeting 22nd July Download here

Agenda July 16th. Download here

Agenda July 2013. Download here

Agenda June 2013. Download here

May 2013. Download here

Extra Ordinary Meeting 1st May 2013. Download here

Agenda Annual Meeting 2013. Download here

April 2013. Download here

March 2013. Download here

February 2013. Download Here

Extra Ordinary Meeting 13th January 2013. Download Here

January 2013. Download Here

F & GP meeting agenda

August 10th 2020. Download here

August 4th 2020. Download here

July 9th 2020. Download here

March 4th 2020. Download here

January 9th 2019. Download here

November 18th 2020. Download here

November 6th 2019. Download here

September 26th 2019. Download here

August 5th 2019. Download here

July 1st 2019. Download here

November 19th 2018. Download here

November 5th 2018. Download here

January 15th 2018. Download here

November 20th 2017. Download here

November 14th 2017. Download here

June 19th 2017. Download here

February 9th 2017. Download here

January 30th 2017. Download here

November 21st 2016. Download here

November 16th 2016. Download here

October 24th 2016. Download here

January 4th 2016. Download here

November 16th 2015. Download here

Budget Agenda 5th November 2015. Download here

Sept 10th 2015. Download here

Feb 23rd 2015. Download here

Nov 24th 2014. Download here

Nov 17th 2014. Download here

July 30th 2014. Download here

February 3rd 2014. Download here

November 18th 2013. Download here

November 4th 2013. Download here

November 26th 2012. Download here

October 30th 2012. Download here

September 27th 2012. Download here 

March 5th 2012. Download here

Febraury 6th 2012. Download here

January 4th 2012. Download here

September 26th 2011. Download here

Environment and Recreation meeting agendas

January 27th 2020.  Download here

November 5th 2019.  Download here

September 23rd 2019.  Download here

June 24th 2019.  Download here

November 5th 2018.  Download here

August 1st 2018.  Download here

June 5th 2018.  Download here

Environment meeting agenda. Prior to May 2018.

January 24th 2018. Download here

December 18th 2017. Download here

November 3rd 2017. Download here

September 18th 2017. Download here

July 3rd 2017. Download here

June 6th 2017. Download here

March 20th 2017. Download here

February 7th 2017. Download here

January 23rd 2017. Download here

November 7th 2016. Download here

September 29th 2016. Download here

June 24th 2016. Download here

June 1st 2016. Download here

May 24th 2016. Download here

March 8th 2016. Download here

March 8th 2016. Download here

January 27th 2016. Download here

December 1st 2015. Download here

November 4th 2015. Download here

September 29th 2015. Download here

Community Centres Committee meeting agenda

January 21st 2020. Download here

October 22nd 2019. Download here

October 7th 2019. Download here

June 17th 2019. Download here

March 20th 2019. Download here

November 5th 2018. Download here

June 5th 2018. Download here

January 31st 2018. Download here

November 6th 2017. Download here

August 10th 2017. Download here

June 20th 2017. Download here

June 6th 2017. Download here

March 29th 2017. Download here

November 16th 2016. Download here

September 29th 2016. Download here

August 24th 2016. Download here

June 22nd 2016. Download here

May 24th 2016. Download here

Budget 26th October 2015. Download here

June 11th 2015. Download here

March 26th 2015. Download here

November 4th 2014. Download here

September 29th 2014. Download here

June 17th 2014. Download here

February 25th 2014. Download here

November 14th 2013. Download here

October 24th 2013. Download here

October 17th 2013 - Cancelled. Download here

May 29th 2013. Download here

November 5th 2012. Download here

June 28th 2012. Download here

March 6th 2012. Download here

December 14th 2011. Download here

November 29th 2011. Download here

July 21st 2011. Download here

Planning Committee meeting agenda

August 3rd 2020. Download here

July 10th 2020. Download here

June 24th 2020. Download here

June 15th 2020. Download here

March 5th 2020. Download here

January 28th 2020. Download here

January 9th 2020. Download here

December 6th 2019. Download here

November 19th 2019. Download here

October 25th 2019. Download here

October 7th 2019. Download here

September 16th 2019. Download here

August 15th 2019. Download here

July 29th 2019. Download here

July 15th 2019. Download here

June 17th 2019. Download here

April 9th 2019. Download here

March 18th 2019. Download here

February 25th 2019. Download here

February 6th 2019. Download here

January 21st 2019. Download here

November 20th 2018. Download here

August 20th 2018. Download here

July 31st 2018. Download here

July 10th 2018. Download here

June 18th 2018. Download here

April 17th 2018. Download here

March 2nd 2018. Download here

February 2nd 2018. Download here

January 11th 2018. Download here

December 19th 2017. Download here

December 5th 2017. Download here

November 24th 2017. Download here

October 31st 2017. Download here

October 6th 2017. Download here

August 30th 2017. Download here

August 10th 2017. Download here

July 19th 2017. Download here

July 3rd 2017. Download here

June 8th 2017. Download here

May 16th 2017. Download here

April 3rd 2017. Download here

February 20th 2017. Download here

January 18th 2017. Download here

January 13th 2017. Download here

December 19th 2016. Download here

December 7th 2016. Download here

November 25th 2016. Download here

October 27th  2016. Download here

September 23rd  2016. Download here

September 2nd  2016. Download here

August 5th  2016. Download here

July 22nd  2016. Download here

June 24th  2016. Download here

May 20th  2016. Download here

May 6th  2016. Download here

April 15th  2016. Download here

April 8th  2016. Download here

March 4th  2016. Download here

February 12th 2016. Download here

January 29th 2016. Download here

 January 4th 2016. Download here

December 4th 2015. Download here

November 12th 2015. Download here

October 2nd 2015. Download here

September 18th 2015. Download here

August 28th 2015. Download here

August 7th 2015. Download here

July 24th 2015. Download here

June 10th 2015. Download here

May 7th 2015. Download here

April 16th 2015. Download here

March 30th 2015. Download here

March 6th 2015. Download here

February 18th 2015. Download here

January 23rd 2015. Download here

December 12th 2014. Download here

November 21st 2014. Download here

November 4th 2014. Download here

October 17th 2014. Download here

October 2nd 2014. Download here

September 12th 2014. Download here

September 5th 2014. Download here

August 22 2014. Download here

August 8 2014. Download here

August 1 2014. Download here

July 10th 2014. Download here

July 2nd 2014. Download here

May 20th 2014. Download here

April 23rd 2014. Download here

April 3rd 2014. Download here

March 21st 2014. Download here

March 5th 2014. Download here

February 17th 2014. Download here

January 24th 2014. Download here

December 30th 2013. Download here

November 29th 2013. Download here

November 21st 2013. Download here

October 24th 2013. Download here

September 26th 2013. Download here

September 20th 2013. Download here

September 3rd 2013. Download here

July 29th 2013. Download here

May 29th 2013. Download here

April 25th 2013. Download here

April 19th 2013. Download here

March 25th 2013. Download here

March 15th 2013. Download here

February 25th 2013. Download here

Planning Committee Dates 2013. Download here

December 17th 2012. Download here

October 29th 2012. Download here

October 15th 2012. Download here

August 29th 2012. Download here

July 2nd 2012. Download here

April 23rd 2012. Download here

January 30th 2012 Download here

January 16th 2012 Download here

December 5th 2011. Download here

November 28th 2011. Download here

October 31st 2011. Download here

September 5th 2011. Download here

Commons and Hams Committee meeting agenda.

June 25th 2020. Download here

January 27th 2020. Download here

November 12th 2019. Download here

September 2nd 2019. Download here

June 17th 2019. Download here

October 4th 2018. Download here

June 5th 2018. Download here

May 10th 2018. Download here

March 19th 2018. Download here

December 7th 2017. Download here

November 13th 2017. Download here

August 9th 2017. Download here

June 6th 2017. Download here

February 20th 2017. Download here

November 21st 2016. Download here

November 14th 2016. Download here

October 3rd 2016. Download here

July 21st 2016. Download here

June 10th 2016. Download here

May 24th 2016. Download here

May 9th 2016. Download here

April 15th 2016. Download here

January 21st 2016. Download here

January 21st 2016. Download here

November 3rd 2015. Download here

October 16th 2015. Download here

July 27th 2015. Download here

June 11th 2015. Download here

May 1st 2015. Download here

March 18th 2015. Download here

February 2nd 2015. Download here

October 30th 2014. Download here

August 5th 2014. Download here

June 26th 2014. Download here

March 24th 2014. Download here

March 2014. Download here

January 16th 2014. Download here

October 16th 2013. Download here

May 30th 2013. Download here

January 28th 2013. Download here

December 17th 2012. Download here

November 26th 2012. Download here

November 21st 2012. Download here

October 15th 2012. Download Here

July 2nd 2012. Download here

March 2nd 2012. Download here

January 16th 2012. Download here

October 31st 2011. Download here

August 22nd 2011. Download here

Staffing Committee meeting agenda. (Now absorbed into F&GP Committee)

April 25th 2019 Download here

August 14th 2018 Download here

September 15th 2017 Download here

April 27th 2016 Download here

March 30th 2016 Download here

June 24th 2015 Download here

May 5th Download here

March 19th 2015 CANCELLED Download here

March 5th Download here

February 27th 2015 CANCELLED Download here

January 9th 2015 . Download here

November 12th 2014 . Download here

November 5th 2014 . Download here

September 22nd 2014 . Download here

August 18th 2014 . Download here

August 1st 2014 . Download here

April 17th 2014 . Download here

March 26th 2014. Download here

March 15th 2014. Download here

February 19th 2014. Download here

February 8th 2014. Download here

January 29th 2014. Download here

January 9th 2014. Download here

November 19th 2013. Download here

October 30th 2013. Download here

April 26th 2013. Download here

February 12th. Download here

September 27th. Download here

November 18th 2011. Download here

Recreation Committee meeting agenda.
Prior to May 2018

November 6th 2017. Download here

June 6th 2017. Download here

November 7th 2016. Download here

June 22nd 2016. Download here

May 24th 2016. Download here

April 29th 2016. Download here

Budget Meeting 6th November 2015. Download here

July 31st 2015. Download here

June 11th 2015. Download here

February 2nd 2015. Download here

November 3rd 2014. Download here

June 2014. Download here

January 27th. Download here

November 4th. Download here

July 29th 2013. Download here

June 3rd 2013. Download here

March 25th 2013. Download here

October 29th 2012. Download here

August 20th 2012. Download here

July 16th 2012. Download here

March 19th 2012. Download here

February 20th 2012. Download here

November 7th 2011. Download here

May 2011.Download here

Infrastructure Committee Meetings Agendas

August 8th 2020.  Download here

July 7th 2020.  Download here

March 2nd 2020.  Download here

January 6th 2020.  Download here

December 2nd 2019.  Download here

November 4th 2019.  Download here

October 7th 2019.  Download here

August 19th 2019.  Download here

July 15th 2019.  Download here

June 17th 2019.  Download here

January 10th 2019.  Download here

October 1st 2018.  Download here

July 30th 2018.  Download here

March 26th 2018.  Download here

January 31st 2018.  Download here

October 30th 2017.  Download here

October 16th 2017.  Download here

September 25th 2017.  Download here

August 30th 2017.  Download here

July 17th 2017.  Download here

June 6th 2017.  Download here

Full Council Agendas pre-2013

December 2012. Download Here

November 2012. Download Here

October 2012. Download Here

September 2012. Download here

August 2012. Download here

July 2012. Download here

June 2012 Download here

May 2012 Download here

Extra Ordinary Meeting 24th May 2012. Download here

April 2012. Download here

March 2012. Download here

February 2012. Download here

January 2012. Download here

December 2011. Download here

November 2011. Download here

Extra Ordinary Meeting 24th October 2011. Download here

October 2011. Download here

Extra Ordinary Meeting 19th September 2011. Download here.

September 2011. Download here

August 2011. Download here

June 2011. Download here

May 2011. Download here

April 20th 2011 - Annual Meeting of the Parochial Electors. Download here

April 2011. Download here

March 2011. Download here

February 2011. Download here

Special Meeting of Kempsey Parish Council January 20th 2011. Download here

January 2011. Download here

December 2010. Download here

October 2010. Download here

September 2010. Download here

August 2010. Download here

July 2010 - Agenda. Download here

June 2010 - Agenda. Download here

May 2010 - Agenda. Download here

April 2010 - Annual Meeting of the Parochial Electors - Agenda. Download here  

February 2010 - Agenda. Download here 

January 2010 - Agenda. Download here  

December 2009 - Agenda. Download here  

November 2009 - Agenda. Download here  

October 2009 - Agenda. Download here  

August 2009 - Agenda. Download here 

July 2009 - Agenda. Download here  

June 2009 - Agenda. Download here 

May 2009 - Agenda. Download here  

April 2009 - Annual Parochial Meeting - Agenda. Download here  

April 2009 - Agenda. Download here  

March 2009 - Agenda. Download here 

February 2009 - Agenda. Download here 

January 2009 - Agenda. Download here  

December 2008 - Agenda. Download here.  

November 2008 - Agenda. Download here.  

October 2008 - Agenda. Download here. 

September 2008 - Agenda. Download here.  

August 2008 - Agenda. Download here  

May 2008 - Agenda. Download here  

April 2008 - Agenda. Download here  

February 2008 - Agenda. Download here. 

January 2008 - Agenda. Download here.  

December 2007 - Agenda. Download here 

November 2007 - Agenda Download here 

October 2007 - Agenda. Download here.

September 2007 - Agenda. Download here.

August 2007 - Agenda. Download here.

July 2007 - Agenda. Download here.

June 2007 - Agenda. Download here.

May 2007 - Agenda. Download here.

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