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Kempsey Neighbourhood Plan has been Made

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Future Recreation Provision Site Appraisals

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Result of Referendum

The referendum for Kempsey's Neighbourhood Plan was held at Kempsey Parish Hall on Thursday 5th October 2017.

We are very pleased to announce that this Neighbourhood Plan was approved by the parishioners with 92% voting in favour of it.

The turnout of voters was 38% which is a very pleasing figure.
There were 993 votes in favour and 90 against.

This Plan will now become a legal document to protect Kempsey from future speculative development within the parish.

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Councillors and Parishioners after the count

Formal Notification that Kempsey Neighbourhood Plan is Made

On Tuesday 28th November 2017 the Kempsey Neighbourhood Plan was formally approved- 'Made' - by Malvern Hills District Council at their full council meeting.
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Kempsey Parish Council documents

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