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SWDP Response

Response to Amendments to SWDP

Worcester Urban Extensions – Broomhall Community and Norton Barracks Community. (SWDP8/1)

Gypsy and Traveller Sites. (SWDP 8/1 – SOC042 – SOC138)

The current Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (GTAA) has been re-assessed by Malvern Hills District Council (MHDC) and a review is to be undertaken by all three authorities for completion by late Autumn 2012. In view of this re-appraisal the requirement for all pitches should be withdrawn and comments requested once the revised GTAA has been agreed by all the councils party to the SWDP. We cannot comment on the outcome of a review which has not yet taken place and request that we be allowed to do so at a later date.

Worcester Allocations. (SWDP 6 & SWDP 8/1)

We appreciate that Worcester City are providing land from within their own resources for much of the planned expansion of the city but we feel they could do much more to alleviate the size of the southern urban extension at Broomhall which accounts for 62% of the development outside the current city boundaries. In particular it is understood that Worcester City council have now earmarked reserve development land at Upper and Middle Battenhall Farms (WO08 – 400 dwellings, WO77 - 900 dwellings and WY88-12 – 90 dwellings according to SHLA assessments). This land should not have been excluded under the original SWDP submission as the spurious arguments for rejection have now been negated by this decision. Including this land would relieve 1390 houses being constructed in the Broomhall extension that lies within Kempsey Parish. We are utterly opposed to any industrial areas being constructed along the A4440 along Broomhall Way and this should be removed to areas alongside the M5 at Swineherds and Nunnery Way where the access to the motorway is better and can be upgraded for far less money than alongside Broomhall Way and we assume that the areas around Warndon Woods have been included for this purpose. If Worcester City’s requirement for additional housing has not been met by the adoption of WO08, WO77 and WY88 then we may accept some housing off Broomhall Way that does not intrude into the Significant Gap south of Taylor’s Lane

Despite some vague reassurances within the amendment document the effect of a major development in the northern part of Kempsey Parish with regard to flooding has not been addressed. Kempsey has recently inaugurated an expensive flood defence system which was drawn up to deal with anticipated flooding scenarios based on existing housing stock and infrastructure. A detailed document submitted by the Environment Agency in response to the original SWDP Preferred Option document has not been either acknowledged or addressed in any detail and there are concerns that a major development at Broomhall will compromise the scheme. We require to know the current run off rate in the development area and guarantees that the proposed development will not increase this at all as this is a requirement under current legislation. This is another reason we have sort to disperse that development to other areas within Worcester City and Kempsey Parish as detailed above and in the following paragraph.

Shrub Hill Opportunity Zone (SWDP 7/4)

The original proposal has been amended to include a further 150 houses while detailed examination of the site has shown this could be not 150 but 400 houses.

Kempsey (SWDP23/7) Land to the south of The Lawns

The proposal refers to land to the west of the Lawns on site SWDP23/9 where the amendment calls for an increase in the number of houses from 114 to 126. We are disappointed that this site has been included at al as it is a valuable piece of market garden quality productive land outside the current settlement boundary. While we don’t oppose building here we are certainly not in favour of any increase in the housing density proposed in the amendment.

Conclusions re: SWDP Amendments SWDP6, 8/1 & SWDP7/4

The sites identified above can provide for 1,560 that could be removed from the Broomhall extension leaving less than a 1,000 houses to be built in that area. Our aim is to remove the necessity to build on the Broomhall extension at all but if a small number were required to be built then these should be either to the east of Norton Lane or within an area to the north of Taylors Lane as previously suggested within this document. No construction should therefore be necessary south of Taylors Lane thus limiting the damage to the Kempsey Significant Gap which will prevent coalescence of Kempsey with the City of Worcester and allow us to develop our community by providing better facilities for our residents. The stated aims of the SWDP document regarding sustainability of communities have led to some minor amendments to SWDP 8/1. These will not address the likelihood that Kempsey will be starved of investment for improving local community facilities by allowing a dominant development of 2,500 houses plus associated facilities to be built within half a mile of our village. Such a plan, as currently conceived, will remove any hope of retaining our independence and character and condemn us to be a satellite of the Broomhall extension and ultimate absorption by Worcester. This is not an acceptable policy to the residents of Kempsey Parish and runs counter to the proposals we are recommending for inclusion in our Neighbourhood Plan that seeks to establish a sustainable independent Kempsey that can provide improved community facilities within the existing settlement and immediate surrounding areas rather than in a large out of character development set within the current significant gap.

Kempsey should be protected from coalescence with Worcester by the introduction of a green belt in that area to the north of the village currently described as the significant gap thus allowing Kempsey to plan its own future without fear of absorption by an ever expanding city. The SWDP fails to appreciate that while Kempsey is a Class 1 village it is considerably larger than many towns within the Malvern Hills District Council area, notably Upton on Severn and Tenbury and is not given the recognition or status it deserves as a vibrant independent community that seeks to plan its own future without encroachment into its parish by an ever expanding city. The amendments contained within the original SWDP and Proposed Significant Changes documents do not address Kempsey’s concerns over its future which should fall within the remit of the Kempsey Neighbourhood Plan under the Localism Act that is intended to empower communities to develop their own future without undue influence from outside unwanted pressures..

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