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Water Main Leak in Kempsey

Saturday 24th September 2016. 11.00am

A water main burst occurred at the junction of Main Road and Plovers Rise last evening. Severn Trent Water attended and after installing four way traffic management, dug down to find the fault. By midnight they had found that a connector in the 8 inch main had failed. Each side of the joint was clamped to stop the flow and to maintain a reasonable pressure to properties in the village.
They are now gathering the equipment and personnel needed to carry out the welded repair to the joint. We are advised that this will happen today.

Forthcoming Parish Council Committee Meetings

Agendas available for viewing under; The Parish Council - Agendas

- Environment committee meeting 29th September 2016

- Community Centres committee meeting 29th September 2016


MHDC Chairman's Hike for Health and Happiness

On Wednesday 7th September last, Cllrs Ann Patrick and Trevor Geens had the pleasure of meeting MHDC Chairman, Cllr John Raine and his party as they made their way through Kempsey on Day 7 of their 10 day hike around the Malvern Hills district.
Cllr Raine is doing this to promote awareness of the benefit of exercise for both physical and mental well being.

The party's itinerary can be seen by clicking here. They entered Kempsey along the Severn Way walking southwards. They asked to visit St Mary's church and the Flood Defences. They are seen above at our Flood Defences. Photo by Cllr Geens.



Neighbourhood Development Plan

23rd February 2016

The Kempsey NDP document has been approved for public consultation. To read more about this, please view the NDP section under 'The Parish Council' heading above.

!st May 2016

The Consultation Period has now ended and all comments received will be collated and incorporated ready for the document to be submitted to Malvern's Inspector.

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Replacing a Councillor

A vacancy has arisen on Kempsey Parish Council following a resignation. We are obliged to publicize this for a period of fourteen days using the poster below.

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Kempsey round and about...

The Parish of Kempsey covers an area of 1307 hectares (3223 acres) - 5 square miles

There are 1352 households and 3180 people living in the parish

Included in the parish are the settlements of Kerswell Green, Broomhall Cottages, Green Street, Stonehall Common, Clerkenleap, Baynhall and Napleton.

People have lived and worked in Kempsey for more than 3000 years

Kempsey Footpath Group

Looking after local public footpaths.
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